These two beauties get married in SEVENTEEN DAYS !

I cannot wait.

Just wanted to share a few photos from this last minute engagement session in Seattle!

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Kim + Nick + Julian + Reese + Luca

This family ! ! !

It is hard for me sometimes to think of what I could write about my time with my Client’s that would resonate with you all. I think this blog, what I really want to talk about is what it feels like to photograph families.

What is hard for me, is that every session I know I am only spending an hour with these families, but it is an hour where we are doing everything we can to create real moments that are reflective of their bonds, quirks, and characters. So it feels like longer.

Plus, when I get home, I am spending hours looking at these photos, and about 75% of that time I spend laughing, smiling, and asking my boyfriend to ‘omg look at this, so cute’. You can ask my boyfriend to con firm this…

But all in all, I feel like by the time I send their photos, I know them SO well. Which I know I don’t… but I really have spent a lot of time trying to capture who they are, and for that I will always feel connected with the families I work with. It might be a short time together, but it is meaningful (at least to me), and it gives such a personal look into who they are individually and in their relationships with their children, parents, and spouses.

I love my Clients, and I always want them to feel like they love the photos I take of them. I hope they feel real (dare I say raw?!), and timeless. Put simply, and I know I say this a lot…, but my goal is to always provide Client’s with photos that capture their loved ones the way that they see them, which more often than not is the way that most other people can’t/don’t usually see them.

I especially loved this session below, because this family had this amazing connection that you can really only feel by seeing it. I can honestly say that every family I capture I find at least one thing (usually all of the things) about them that I hope my future family has. With this family, it is safe to say that I want everything they have for my own family.

I love these, I love them, and I hope you all do to : ).

x o x o